The college council participate in the academic forum


The college council participate in the academic forum

 The College participates in the work of the academic forum held at the University of Baghdad and in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education Scientific Research.

Members  of the college council attended the academic forum, which was hosted in al – Hakim Hall at the University of Baghdad, and headed by Minister of higher education, the forum who attended by   many council  of colleges in a number of Iraqi universities, including the University of Baghdad, Al - Mustansiriyah, Nahrain, Iraqi and Karbala.


 Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa and a number of ministry leaders. The aim of the forum, which was announced by His Excellency the Minister is to open the horizons of dialogue between the leadership of the ministry and the teaching staff in Iraqi universities in order to convey the most important visions and ideas that the ministry seeks to achieve and deliver them directly to the teachers and to listen to the most important obstacles and problems facing the Universities where the minister and his deputy for scientific affairs presented the most important goals of the ministry and its future directions to ensure academic work. They listened to the suggestions and ideas of the heads of branches and scientific departments in various fields 

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