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The activities of Al-Kindy college of Medicine


The activities of Al-Kindy college of Medicine

 Al-Kindy college of Medicine  joined and within the  participation of 22 colleges of the University of Baghdad in the Championship Games track and field mixed in the college of Physical Education in Jadiriyah on the morning of 07.03.2012 Al-Kindy college of Medicine has achieved  multiple results, and as referred to by Dr. Rafid Hussein, head of physical activity in college said:
The college has achieved eighth place at the university level from 22 colleges where they participation as follows:
- A fifth in discus throw women

- The fourth 200-meter women

- A fifth in the weight throw for men

- Seventh in discus throw men

- sixth in in running  400 meters for men

- Seventh in running 100 meters for men

-  sixth in mail running  for women

 This indicates that the sporting activities supported by the Deanship of the college and especially by the dean of the college to progress is clear and significant at the level of all sports organized by the University of Baghdad mother.


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