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The club of al-kindy collage of medicine in a new suite


The club of al-kindy collage of medicine in a new suite

Club College is the place where needed by the student to spend a short break for refreshments or reading or eating , the Dean has focused a large and positive attention by dyeing ,restoration and changing the furniture and distinguished service cared of hygiene to keep this club away from wear and the damage that may occur to it , the dean has expressed his directives to urge the students and staff of the club to preserve the property of the club, which is public property and the property of other generations to come ,the club have financial and moral support and provision of convenience and complete needs of  the student and staff of the college , the prices supported and that fit the reality of living of students under the supervision of committees formed within the College supervises the quality of eating and the performance of staff club In order to preserve of hygiene and the treatment ,where the club witnessed a pretty picture of scenery and industrial fountain , and equipped with equipment audio video systems .

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