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Evaluation of professional behavior of medical students


Evaluation of professional behavior of medical students

 Evaluation of professional behavior for the medical students was an important focus in the lecture of Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Alshedidi  chairman of the curriculum committee at the Al-kindy college of medicine during which he explained the most important points that were discussed in the workshop for the assessment of the curriculum of Iraqi medical colleges, which was held in Arbil and was attended by the officials of the curriculum in medical colleges and a group of international and regional experts.

The experts raise a set of practical questions about the assessment's ways of knowledge, skills and behaviors of student in accordance with the integrated curriculum for both basic and clinical phases of the students. The workshop attended by Mr. dean, vice dean, chairmen of the scientific departments and teaching staff, and there were few questions raised by the audience about the mechanism of student assessment which clarified by Dr. Ibtisam. 




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