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Celebrating AL Quds international day


Celebrating AL Quds  international   day

 Within  Continuing Education   symposium held to celebrate World Day of Al quds, where the seminar began to read the Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs who have fallen in defense of Al quds throughout history Mr. Dean of the College then delivered a speech  About the role of Alquds and its place in the heart of Arabic nation and islam , he    said where in history and sovereignty over the holy places of most religions and favorable of  Muslims as the first Qiblah and the third holiest site, then touched   on the role of the Iraqi army and the clergy in defending Palestine  and its  participation  in all wars against zionism   and  in all the historical events associated with the city over the centuries in modern history

 Then Dr Ahmed Almrzuk gave  a poem titled 'The Story of Light Journey' then gave Dr. Taleb Almohsen    poem entitled 'My Grandfather'  then read Dr. Riad Mohammad read   poem for  poet Nizar Qabbani.our stuedents also participated in this international events    were students Mariam Ismail, Ali Hamza, Amra Kareem and Zainab gave wonderful poems .  followed by a scientific  lecture by Dr. Nasser Al-Saadoun teacher in the unit sports in college.

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