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Asthma is a chronic disorder, diagnosed by variable airflow obstruction.

Its typical symptoms include recurrent episodes of wheeze, chest tightness, breathlessness and cough

Not uncommonly  asthma is mistaken for a cold or chest infection is failing to resolve (after more 10 days)

Al-Kindy college of medicine held a conference about panel discussion about management of asthmatic patients

The study was held by

1-      Prof.  Dr. Adnan Al-Juboori

2-      Prof. Dr. Abdullah Majeed Al-Qaseer

3-      Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abd Marzouq

4-      Dr. Ali A. Obaid (treatment of Asthma in Children)

5-      Dr. Emad Kareem (Asthma in pregnancy)

6-      Dr. Muthana Al-Asal (Bronchial thermo plasty)

7-      Dr. Abdul hammed Al Qaseer (Improving Asthma care)  



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