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hypertention Symposium


hypertention Symposium

Expanded symposium organized by the Al Kindy College of Medicine on the morning of Wednesday, 04/05/2011 in cooperation with the Iraqi Society of Hypertension &. Astrazenece Inc. in titled” developments of high blood pressure disease, and treatment on conference hall at the Faculty of  Al Kindy medical college. The opening of scientific conference was with a welcome by Dr. Faris Abdul Kareem Dean of Al Kindy medical college, The conference was attended by a number of professors and doctors from the Ministry of Health and Kindy Teaching Hospital and the Endocrine and diabetes Center has delivered, Dr. Zaidan Khalaf present Introduction to the Society of high blood pressure and a signal that such Society present in all countries of the world and is the first in Iraq has been founded by a group of Iraqi doctors, mostly from the Al kindy medical college  and interested in the diagnosis of this disease spreading in Iraq and has a sign that there are cases of undiagnosed the disease up to 50% and causes the disease to heart disease, kidney disease  and other, allusions to the seriousness of this disease in the meantime, as shown that the goals of this association is.

1. Keep up with scientific development

2. See the latest scientific

3. Dissemination of health awareness

4. The development of scientific competence

5. contribute to the health in health institutions

and stressed that the mechanism for achieving these goals comes through:

1. Hold seminars and scientific conferences

2. Deployment in this particular issue

3. The establishment of training courses

4. Approaching the media

that was the first session of the conference is the first lecture of Dr. Hanoon left behind was the second lecture delivered by Dr Ali  AlSaadi was present and the third was delivered by Dr. Ghazi Al-Hajji. Was followed by a break for half an hour, followed by the second meeting, which was the chairman, Dr. Faris Abdul Kareem where was the first appeared on Dr. Ali Al Sultani and the second lecture, by Dr. Ahmad Al Khalidi, and the third lecture delivered by Dr. Mohsin Ali

At the close of the seminar there were questions and discussion were held on these lectures and interspersed with the threads on this Theme In sealing the conference, Dr. Faris Abdul Kareem Dean of Al Kindy medical college distribution  gifts and certificates on a number of professors and doctors that Attending and progress thanks to Attending, who have organized this conference and the companies participation and support of the Conference.


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