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Discuss the Higher Diploma


Discuss the Higher Diploma

  With God blessing and with the direct care of the Dean of Al-Kindy college held the discussion the Higher Diploma for the student  student Abdul Sahib Hadi Abdul Karim , entitled "Medical student attitudes toward skilles: Acomparion of first and fourth year medical students in AL-Kindy college of Medicine"
They compared the communication skills of students between the first and fourth deportees The committee was composed of faculty discussion
          1 - A . M . D . Mosa Qasim          president

     2 - A . M . D .Lujane Anwar        member

     3–M.D. Usraa Khalaf                  member                  

      4 - A. M . D . Huda Adnan           supervisor
It was attended by a number of doctors and professors in Al Kindy college and  hospital .Congratulations to the exerted scientific effort


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