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The Largest Graduation Ceremony in Iraq


The Largest Graduation Ceremony in Iraq

The celebrations for the graduates of the University of Baghdad , the Fifty-six course  " coexistence and  loving ",held in the playgrounds  of college of Physical Education ,Jadiriyah Compound.   Representative of the President  and Mr.  representative of the Prime Minister and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ali Al-Adeeb, in addition to a large number of ambassadors and senior figures in the Iraqi parliament and government attended the celebrations.The celebration started with the Republican anthem and recitation from the Glorious Quran and then showing of graduate students groups in front of the platform of senior officials and sponsor of the celebration of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, led by holders of flags and Republican logo and logo of University of Baghdad afford by  students from military college and  followed by groups  who represent the different university colleges, then teachers  groups procede for whom  have stood up the masses of students, performers and attendees greeting  them for their great role in the graduation of these different scientific skills of students.

Then Dr. Ali Al Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research has delivered  his speech  praising  the role of the University of Baghdad, and the importance of graduates , professors ,their effectiveness and their role in promoting the society, pointing to efforts in organizing the ceremony and those who support it. The president of the university Dr. Alaa' Abdulhussein  delivered an important speech in this ceremony in which he discussed the role of the University of Baghdad, graduates students, college  and the scientific competencies and its role in the construction and development for the better, expressing his thanks and gratitude to the sponsor of the celebration and the formed committee to organize the celebration. Then, Professor Dr. Alaa' Kareem , Chairman of the Preparatory Committee delivered a speech praising the great role and importance of this celebration and the work of the Supreme Committee and the supporting committees which made fruitful efforts in preparing and organizing this great festival

Permeated the atmosphere of celebration launching large numbers of white pigeons expressing purity and serenity decorated the sky of the ceremony, which was accompanied by launching colorful fireworks that express the joy and happiness of this occasion for all Iraqis


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