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Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced that the academic calendar for the academic year 2013 - 2014, specified on Sunday, September fifteenth of the current date for the start of the first semester.

The Director General of the Department of Studies and Planning, Dr. Suhail Najim Abdullah, "The Ministry of Education has decided to be on Sunday 15/09/2013 the first day of the first semester (which lasts for 15 weeks) for the academic year 2013-2014," Noting that on Saturday, 01/04/2014 will be the start of final exams for the first semester in college that tracking quarterly system and half-yearly examinations for colleges and institutes that tracking annual system, noting that the spring break begins on 01.26.2014 to 6/ 2/2014

And He said that the second semester, which lasts fifteen weeks will begin on Sunday, 09/02/2014 and ends on 29/05/2014 and will leave a date  for universities and The Commission of Technical Educationset to start the second semester exams, he said, adding that the final exams for the first attempt to colleges that tracking annual system and final exams for the second semester of colleges that tracking quarterly  system will begin on Saturday, 05/31/2014 to 06/19/2014.

He explained that the summer break, which will last for two months will start from 07.01.2014 and after it finshed begin the second round of exams on Sunday, 09/01/2014, indicating that the start of summer training for students of colleges and institutes summer training period will be approved according to the periods in colleges and institutes.

The  General Director added that it will avoid the problems that occur as a result suitable half of Sha'baan, which are within the final exams to stop the exams during the period of occasion mentioned that does not exceed a week with the completion of exams after the time limit for its completion, adding that the directive includes universities that are affected by the occasion.

The Director General pointed out that the academic year the first stage starting on Sunday 10/20/2013 and is compensated lessons backlog be in the first semester by reducing holiday half of the year to be one week instead of two weeks and cancel the (off) for the first semester.


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