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Controversial of life and death


Controversial of life and death

One of the most important science completely dominant on our lives is the science of physics, everything in the universe is subject to the laws of physics, starting from gravity and ending with the smallest parts of life which is the nucleus of the atom

In the Lecture Hall of Al-Kindy College of Medicine laid professor Dr. Bahaa Tohme Assistant President of Baghdad university for Administrative Affairs to discuss the theory of life and death in terms of the physical and the most important theories that are being discussed at the moment of death

The different definitions of death on it lay termination or transfer to another world and the prevailing opinion and debates in the current time for the soul, which is the space in which they appear effects of human action. Lecture was pleasant and interesting and unconventional .The chairman of the  lecture was professor Talib Al-Mohseen Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs at Al-Kindy college of medicine.

Prof. Dr. Bahaa Tohme was greeted by Mr. Dean of Al-Kindy college of  Medicine and his aides and a group of college professors.We thank The administrative assistant for honoring us with his presence and we hope always from our mother university contact us with what is pleasant and nontraditional.




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