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Visit Assistant President of the University of Baghdad


Visit Assistant President of the University of Baghdad

Baghdad University  always provide us with care and attention and good guidance so as to make the permanent develop to Iraqi medical movement.
As a part of prenatal care of the University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Riyad Aziz Hadi University Assistant President for Academic Affairs visited our college Al-Kindy college of Medicine as the visit came coincide with the exams of midyear which is currently taking place at the college. The  Assistant President for Academic Affairs makes with Prof. Dr. Sadiq Abbas al- Moktar Dean of the college toured in the college and visit the students in the halls and asked the students about the most important constraints suffered by the Iraqi medical student and discussed solutions of the problems .
We are Proud in our university that eager to guide us always
towards the best and we thank Prof. Dr. Riyad Aziz on this visit, which honored us.

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