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Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure

Under the slogan disease, high blood pressure, popular for clinicians established on land of the conference room of Al-Kindy college of Medicine one of the formations of Baghdad University scientific seminar addressed the issue of blood pressure disease, where the seminar addressed  on drugs and therapies and the latest devices used to measure blood pressure and the correct way to measure to be followed for measuring true and exact terms of the status of the body and measurement method and the accuracy of the device used.
The seminar also talked about the most important factors in causing high blood pressure, whether food or pathological or physiological, the most dangerous side effects that may lead in some cases to death when you do not control this disease, which is of serious chronic diseases.
The seminar was attended by Mr. Dean and a large number of professors and doctors at Al-Kindy college and Al-Kindy hospital. At the end of the seminar attendees thanked Mr. Dean and esteemed staff of Al-Kindy college of medicine to create the appropriate conditions to success this seminar.


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