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Infertility and fetal abnormalities


Infertility and fetal abnormalities

New year begins full of activity and science and knowledge and global cooperation, at the conference room in Al-Kindy college of medicine laid Dr Rahim Haloub Specialist gynecology and obstetrics from England and Dr Chantelle Raja also Specialist gynecology and obstetrics from England, where they give three lectures where first talking about medical education taken in Medicine colleges as well as touched on the vocabulary in the curriculum of medical colleges in England and try to incorporate some curriculum with our curriculum and then was give a lecture about infertility and explain where infertility problems and then talked Dr. Chantelle on the types of embryos natural and non-natural and reinforced through images. The lecture was attended by Mr.Dean and a group of teachers in the college, especially from Physiology and Obstetrics and Gynecology branches  in college and then Mr. Dean providing thanks books and appreciation to the visiting delegation then visited the outpatient departments where they visited unit obesity and tissue compatibility.
Continuous permanent cooperation at various levels for the elevation of the march of scientific medical Iraqi high.

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