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Medical Workshop


Medical Workshop

Our goal to create a medical educational tutorial serving  all aspects of society in general and doctors in particular in Iraq, where the more Health-aware society where more developed.

The doctor has significant responsibility  in addition of carrying a humanity message and to preserve the lives of patients ,he have a greater responsibility in inherited of medical information and knowledge to the new generation to create aware and educated doctors .
In the conference hall at the Al-Kindy college of medecine launched The Second Workshop on Medical Education which was attended by specialists in medical education in the Ministry of Health and professors from The College of Medecine Universityof Mustansiriya ,the College of Medicine / Hawler University, The College of Medecine/ University of Babylon and Al-Kindy college as well as students of  Higher Diploma in the specialy of medical education.
The workshop was opened by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Mrzuk teacher in the department of Community Medicine then Dr. Mohamed Hassan Moussawi gave  lecture on the "history of medical education", as well as Dr. Youssef Abdul-Rahim gave  lecture on the need for change in the methods of medical education Should be change radically or gradually and the appropriateness of the change to our colleges.
In the second part of the opening day the participants were divided into small groups for the purpose of presenting the most important ideas on the subject, according to the views of the participants where they discussed the most important constraints on the subject and what the need of each college to achieve it.
The groups discussed the need to develop the teaching staff, to making it convinced and eligible for change in the direction of adopt new methods in medical education , and the need for the introduction of teachers in the compulsory courses on the subject of medical education.
The groups agreed on necessity is the mother of change, but it must be gradually by mixing between the old and the new method gradually and that change is based on the needs of the community.Confirmation was placed on the development of skills laboratory and equipping it and a focus on improving communication skills. and discussed the need for teaching staff of degrees (Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer) for the purpose of supervising small groups.
One of the group showed that we are still at the stage of the traditional medical education and we urgently need to change and the reason for this that new ways to ensure fairness in the assessment of the demand that the new method also reduces the differences between he needs and Maitalmh student community medicine.
But modern education needs to potential material higher than that required by traditional education, the groups has discussed to put specific controls to accept students from outside Iraq to study in medical college in Iraq because it falls within the criteria for assessing medical colleges, as a number of foreign students studying in the Faculty of Medicine concerned.
Participants stressed on the need for medical college to exploit the vast amount of satellite broadcasting to proper medical education

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