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Seriousness and perseverance


Seriousness and perseverance

With help of God  a start of the new year lively and with scientificand practical  excellence in all areas, it is part of a series of activities which is famous in Al-Kindy College of medicine our sports activity .where erected on the Land of the College internal Chess Championship involving a number of students in the College, has oversaw the match Mr. Dean Assistant for Administrative Affairs on competition also attended the competition from the Directorate of Physical Technical Education on University of Baghdad.


 in terms of youth qualifier won each of the first centers:


1 - Ahmed Ali                        the fourth stage


2 - Mohammed Taleb          fourth stage


3 - Hassan Qasim                fourth stage


The winners of the group of girls were students:


1 - Zeinab Samir                  second phase


2 - Lena Thamer                   second phase


3 – Ayat Hussein's               fourth stage


As for football teams in Al-Kindy  Medical College there were football tournament the first game had been involved with each of the students the sixth and fifth together a single team against team students the second stage and the result was winning team sixth stage and the fifth four goals versus two goals for the second stage.


It is part of a series Football League also held a second match between students in fourth stage and students second stage has won the fourth stage five goals against one goal for the second phase was also set up a game table for girls and boys as well as volleyball for girls and boys.


In final the Honorable Dean distributed prizes to the winning students wishing competitions them happy time and creativity on both scientific and medical sports.








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