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Diploma student discussion


 Diploma student discussion

Always strive for progress and provide all that is new and unique service to the Iraqi medical march this is our motto in the Al-Kindy College of medicine.

It is part of the continuing series to discuss the medical diploma students who gives him a branch of Community Medicine at Al-Kindy college.

 student was discussed Dr. Haqi Abdul Latife was her lecture entitled:

Evaluate the clinical study for the students ended the Basra Medical College 2012

The members of the debate consisted of:

A.P. Dr. Yousif Abdul Raheem                             president

A.P. Dr. Read Mohammed Hasan                       member

A.P. Dr. Huda Adnan Habeeb                            member

A.P. Dr. Mohammed Asad Ebraheem              supervisor

Where has been distinguished Committee a number of comprehensive scientific questions to discuss the subject of the thesis was the outstanding student to attend.

Further touch of sparkle scientific access to the best levels with the help of God.

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