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A successful career


A successful career

Academic year full of valuable scientific achievements and medical innovations with the help of God.

With God's blessing and with continuing care for Baghdad University to our college Al-Kindy college of medicine, began the new season of continuing education courses in our college for the new academic year 2012-2013 was the season opener in the presence of Mr. Dean and his aides both professors Associate Scientific and Associate Managing in the presence of a large number of professors from our college.

  The first lecture was thrown by the Dean Dr. Sadiq Abbas Al-Moktar as addressed the issue of reliability in medical colleges and bases and conditions applied in order to reach refineries colleges and universities in the world.

The second axis of the lecture was spoken by Dr. Tagreed Al-Haidari for the Scientific Committee at the college on its activities and the most important research presented.

 The last axis of the lecture has revolved around the annual conference of the Al-Kindy college where it was to discuss the needs and conditions to be provided in order to reach a successful conference globally and to be held on 15. 03.2013 has delivered the lecture by Dr. Youssef Abdul-Rahim and Dr. Hassan Farhan.

We hope to continue scientific achievements; God gives us strength to get the scientific and medical topics that contribute to the service of our society and our dear country to raise the name of the University of Baghdad and our college Al-Kindy college of medicine high




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