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A successful conclusion


A successful conclusion

our cooperation permanent in order to elevating the word of science and knowledge high in the sky of our homeland and our university.
with God's blessing began the second day of the series of discussions for students of medical diploma education taking place on the land of Al-Kindy college of medicine and the lecture today entitled A comparative study between the third stage and the sixth stage students in Al-Kindy college of medicine on basic medical science, the student attending Maytham Sabah Sadiq was active and clear and he  was discussed by a committee discussion, consisting of a group of professors and doctors in the Al-Kindy college of medicine
1 A.P. Dr. Youssef Abdul-Rahim                 president
2 - A.P. Dr. Riadh Mohammad Hassan         member
3- Dr. Yousra Kalaf Hanoon                           member
4 A.P.Dr. Muhammad Asad Ibrahim           supervisor

God pless all and we hope success for all.

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