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U.S. Postgraduate Training Authorization


U.S. Postgraduate Training Authorization

all religions and urged Confirmed to good work and always for all the work and effort is a great result achieve and accomplish this work, before few time Al-Kindy college of medicine  publishing historic news promise our Dear graduates set of correspondence between our college Al-Kindy college of medicine which is part of our beloved university the Baghdad University and the University of California correspondence revolves around U.S. recognition of the University of California granted to our graduates and preliminary approval testament to complete the Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter (PTAL) at the University of California U.S.
official recognition that we received from the University of California recognizes our MBBS granted to our graduates and adopted as the basis for the completion of the study in America.
New Victory for our mother university Baghdad University and other candles lit glory of our dear College and Acknowledgements and gratitude to our dean which is a watchful eye, and effective for the elevation of the name of our beloved Iraq .


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