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Global cooperation


Global cooperation

Always seeks to progress and development and advancing to the march of scientific with a creative and advanced to service our dear country Iraq to the elevation to the name of our dear university.

As part of a series of scientific global cooperation  visited the Al Kindy College of Medicine delegation from India The delegation was received by The Dean of Al-Kindy cokllege of Medicine and Dr. Ibtisam Saleh the Chief of Surgery  department at the college where the delegation toured around the college and were briefed on the latest developments taking place in the college at a time current on the latest medical equipment which came to college and also visited the OSCI halls exam, which is the first of its kind in Iraq in terms of creating a special place for this exam and the delegation also toured the hospital and have access to patients and follow up some of their cases.

At the end was a meeting between Mr. Dean and the delegation to discuss the important things, which aims to promote and exchange of experiences and skills in the field of medical and bone fractures and joint service for the march of medical science in Iraq.




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