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Science realized with hope and work


Science realized with hope and work


 our  precious university Baghdad University celebrated the graduation of its outstanding students  for the current year 2011-2012  the 55th ,has been involved all colleges and formations of the University in the Central celebration, which was held on the land courts Faculty of Physical Education in Jadiriyah attended the carnival a number of important figures, starting The Representative Prime Minister and representative of the President of the Republic and Mr. Ali al-Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and a representative of the President of the Senate and representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and a delegation from the threshold Abbasid holy sites in Karbala, in addition to the Chairman of the Education Committee in the Senate "Adele Alshereshab" and  Mr. Musa al-Musawi President of the University , with a number of deputies and members of the diplomatic corps in Iraq The presence of a number of ambassadors, including ambassador to the Turkish and Greek Ambassador and Afghan ambassador, in addition to a number of ambassadors and senior figures in the Iraqi parliament and government, as well as the minister opened the celebration of the great cross-present their joy and pleasure of this great achievement ,  the celebration began by playing the peace Republican then recited Aye of the Holy Quran. Then review the Marches of college students and military Choir military, which is adorned celebration of the music of celebration for the expression of the discipline and pattern governing the Marches, then lines of graduate students in front of the platform of top officials and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, led by Marches campaign flags of the Republic of Iraq and logo of Republican and logo of the University of Baghdad afford Marches of students of Military College, followed by Marches represent various university faculties, each according to sequence and according to the rhythm and coordinated scientific organizer holds promise and blessing bestowed by God , and then progress Marches of  professors greeting gratitude for their role and their sincere efforts in the graduation of these scientific competence different students, and effective participation of Al-kindy college of  Medicine distinguished with the presence of Dr. Sadiq Abbas Al-moktar dean of the college has raised the banner of science and the work achieved as a slogan out hope for the session 55.

 We hope for our graduate a life filled with practical pride and great achievements .



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