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The visit of The President of the University of Baghdad


The visit of The President of the University of Baghdad

On 10/6/2012 day on Sunday, Mr. President of the University of Baghdad, accompanied by Mr. Information Officer at the University of Baghdad, the delegation of media facilities, a visit to Al-Kindy college of  Medicine and was welcomed by Mr. Dean and the Associate Managing Director of Information and Informatics, where he inspected the President of the University buildings, the college and visited all the halls test scores and the Scientific Committee and the Student Club

Has expressed his admiration and satisfaction with the conduct of final examinations and the presence of all the observers and the commitment of teachers of students dress uniform and the services provided to students during exams.
So impressed was the President of the University with interest Mr. Dean order of the College and gardens planted and beautified in proportion to the reputation of the college and university.

Also expressed his admiration for the central electronic monitoring system that was set up recently where it is through control of all college facilities and halls especially test scores.

After a short session in the building of Dean and discuss some of the things President thanked Mr. Dean what he saw was interesting and hard work. Mr. Dean also thanked the President for his visit and his interest in the college

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