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medical education in Iraq between reality and ambition


medical education in Iraq between reality and ambition

Under the slogan (medical education in Iraq between reality and ambition)
Launched at nine o'clock on the morning of Sunday, 17/6/2012 at the Al Kindy College of Medicine the veventsof the first workshop in the field of modern medical education which will last until 21/06/2012 with the participation of lecturers and doctors from different medical Colleges and the Iraqi Ministry of Health , The participants were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Sadiq Al-Mokhtar Dean of Al Kindy College of Medicine ,the participants has been introduce oneself and then, assistant professor, Dr. Youssef Abdul-Rahim  presented a lecture entitled  (Medical education .. Why?) To address the definition of medical education, strategies and theories and the comparison between medical education in the past, present, and how to bridge the gap between the medical education between now and the medical education that we aspire to reach it, God willing .. And then gave Prof. Dr. Thamer Hilfi lecture titled (Medical Education, reliability and quality) and the relationship between medical education and between the indicators and standards of reliability, as well as how to get to the level of quality in medical education . Then began the practical part of the workshop where the participants were divided into small groups to discuss what has reviewed topics during the theoretical part ,the students Higher Diploma in Al Kindy College of Medicine participated in administration discussion groups at the workshop .. Were then presented recommendations for the work of the first day and the recommendations were as follows:
1.        Continuous medical education training courses for  medical faculty  staffs

2.        Decentralization of medical schools  about student selection and curriculum design

3.        Adapting modern way of teaching and being away from traditional teaching methods to close the gap between us and future medical education



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