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Water pollution


Water pollution

"Infinite creativity to the tributary of science" this is confirmed by the Continuing Education Unit in Al-kindy College of medicine with distinguished lectures.
At eleven o'clock on the morning at the conference hall of the Al-kindy college held a seminar for continuing education with his Chairman Dr. Muhammad Al Qurtas, the lecture was given by Dr Mohammad Assad and was entitled "water-borne diseases and methods of prevention".
The seminar was attended by The Dean as usual weekly continuing survey to  all aspects of science and services in collegewith associate scientific and administrative as well as professors in college and the number of students, a number of tips and guidelines has been thrown for preventive measures to curb the spread of diseases,and a simple explanation for ways to purify water and filtered, The Dean was has urged the students to the work of Case Study on the water and ways to sweeten and recommended that be one of the lectures to come, God willing.


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