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Future Perspectives for the use of scientific laboratories


Future Perspectives for the use of scientific laboratories

For Continuing education in Al-Kindy college of  Medicine a broad activities and distinct in the establishment of courses for teachers and staff as well as in the establishment of weekly lectures and scientific conferences and the creation of literary and poetic scientific and literary seminars.
On the land of the Al-Kindy college of Medicine Was held a
seminar about virtual laboratories have been ditched by Dr Riadh Mohammad Hassan on how to develop the default laboratories by using the computer for scientific experiments, practical, that will facilitates a lot of for scientific research in his work as abbreviated by the place to do the experiment and the time in the preparation of materials and tools.
The seminar was attended by a constellation of large
doctors, professors and staff as well as honored by his presence, Mr. Dean with his assistance staff, the audience interaction with the lecture value.
therefore we hope more glittering future for continuing education in our college.

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