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Green areas in Al Kindy College of Medicine


Green areas in Al Kindy College of Medicine

In a series of the activities ongoing for renewing and building that carried out by Al-Kindy College  of Medicine, Beautiful gardens have been finaized which give the inner campus a wonderful look. Great efforts have been done by the authorities of the college to donate the college in the picture that it deserves  


The Dean of the College has given wide attention to establish these gardens as it is considered the interface of interfaces for the College. The beautiful scenery of the gardens in a matter of comfort and self-pleasure and psychological stability as the human soul is inclined to the satisfaction of the bright green color.
Finally we wish all success and progress to our College and Dean in these wonderful activities and urge the staff of college to maintenance our college in outstanding situation which is a beehive determined to make our college and our university in creative interface among ancient Iraqi universities.




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