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The establishment of the library coincided with the founding of the college in 1998 and located within the existing building demolished building disciplines clinical area is estimated at ( 283 AD ) , distributed as follows

  1. Reading room and includes (6) table reading with (61) and 16 chair Calculator distributed on reading tables for public use for students .
  2. Room containing the group of scientific books and theses and references.
  3. Stores free unit attached to the Library
  4.  Patrol unit available within the open shelves in the reading room


 Library collection

The library includes a range of diverse sources of information in accordance with the following:

  • First / traditional sources :

o    foreign books and numbering 3093

o   theses completed in college (22)

o   642 scientific journals

o   scientific references include Atlases , dictionaries , encyclopedias , etc. … 400

o   Arabic books a variety of cultural areas  258

  • Second / electronic sources and include

o   CDs and various medical topics of  896

o    Medical Medline databases stored on discs since 1966 and until 2001, and numbering 39 tablet .

o    periodicals and books available in the HINARI program via the Internet through a password private library and a special subscription .

Library staff

Staffing consists of a library of three members reunited specialize in information science and libraries, as follows :

  • Ikram Mohamed Mahmoud

Responsible library holds a doctorate in specialization and the title of assistant professor. librarian  holds a bachelor's and served in the library (13) in

  • . Assistant librarian technician diploma and serve in the library (9) years.

Library Services

The library offers two types of services directly and non directly , as follows :

First / technical services ( indirect ) which is taking place without direct contact with readers , but they are touching the results and b :

  1. Supply service and the acquisition of the sources of medical information
  2. Service numbers and technical operations include registration and indexing and classification of sources STAMENT according to the latest global systems as used library classification system of medical issued by the National Library of Medicine at the U.S. National Library of Medicine Btabath last issued in 2013 , which is a global system to use and specialist . As well as services to prepare the cards for Loan books and print Alliblatt for each material ( a book, a magazine, a reference ... ) Ranked No. demand for that article.
  3. Building databases for a library and continue the introduction of recent acquisitions such as Powell's first database of books , theses and so on.

Second / information services ( direct services ) , represented by:

1.       Loan service to various sources of information

2.       Referenced service Barashadr readers and answer Tsalathm research and direct them towards appropriate sources of information .

3.       Selective dissemination of information service broadcasting of information through a special form to the library every researcher with the research needs to be supplied by email .

4.       The search service to the international network of information ( the Internet ) through Wi-Fi or computers linked directly linked to well suited for the use of researchers

5.        Reproduction service ( paper or of tablets available in the library  )

6.       Search service program HINARI hinari to get the full texts of research and e-books .

7.       Provide researchers with lists of bibliographic including collection of  library on a topic as needed

8.       Issuing extracts a list of thesis  carried out in the university college and updated annually .


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