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There was an enormous need to develop a new medical college to be part of Baghdad University to meet the increasing need for doctors to be involved in the health care system of MOH. For this reason, Al Kindy College of medicine was established and affiliated with Al Kindy teaching hospital 1998 and received the 1st group of students in the year 1999.The college did follow since establishment the same model of teaching of Baghdad Medical College. In the year 2007 ,a thorough process of curriculum and educational curriculum program revision and development was started with the coordination of the Iraqi national  accreditation committee ,Iraqi national committee for Iraqi medical deans, WHO and other stake holders, and a new curriculum program was developed.The college did strengthen the needs and demands toward accrediting Iraqi medical colleges and participated actively in this process with the help and coordination of WHO and a process of self-evaluation of the college started by the year 2009 and followed by many steps toward building the human and physical capacity of the college toward achieving the Iraqi basic standards for accrediting the college relying on WFME and GCC standards which are accepted on regional and international ground.

The steering committee which was headed by the dean did start evaluation process for the sake of achieving more innovation and development in the learning process and curriculum development and to achieve the global standards for accrediting the college.This guide book  aims to includes revision of  the current educational program, with overview of college departments & scientific units, and  illustrate part of the teaching infra structure of the college aiming to  achieve  the final goal of graduating doctors who are efficient and have the necessary skills and competencies.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Alqurtas


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