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About Us

The Vision

The vision of Al-kindy medical college is to be globally recognized with excellence in medical education and values imperative to health care priorities.

The mission

The mission of Al-kindy medical college:

 Is to adopt an updated medical training program and to achieve community based learning through twinning with creditable universities ,adhering with global standards, encouraging researches, and seeking exceptionally promising students to develop their ethical and humanistic values to serve the goal of graduating a 5 star competent and professional physicians.

The objectives:

On completion of six year MBCHB program, the medical graduate -hould be able to:

1.      Express the understanding of principles of practice of modern medicine with an in depth knowledge of structure and functions of human body.

2.      Develop preventive, promotive & curative approach to the practice of modern medicine.

3.      Demonstrate the knowledge and skills through higher education through continuing medical education programs &research to promote student ability of self- learning, analytical thinking & problem solving.

4.      Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary knowledge, skills,& attitude in communication.

5.      Possess behaviors of medical ethics with a compassionate & socially accountable human being.

6.      Identify common health problems in our community ,manage them initially, advice public about the prevention and provide education to people  on health and health related matters

7.      Develop a health care team-approach and give respect to all other members of the team.


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