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great progress great progress

The fruits of hard  and great work will gain this was confirmed by our university when applied in the rankings of universities (QS), where it has become among the best 700 universities in the world. a great achievement for Iraq and the colleges of the University of Baghdad,and we hope further progress and prosperity for the march of scientific service in Iraq.

medical workshop medical workshop

The reality of Iraqi medical faced problems and obstacles and Modern Medical Education faced  another kind  of problems and obstacles, that sought Al-kindy college of medicine which is belong to our prestigious university Baghdad University tried to overcome the difficulties faced by medical education and shortened to a minimum and this is what Al-kindy college of medicine tried to do in  workshop

medical education in Iraq between reality and ambition medical education in Iraq between reality and ambition

Under the slogan (medical education in Iraq between reality and ambition)
Launched at nine o'clock on the morning of Sunday, 17/6/2012 at the Al Kindy College of Medicine the veventsof the first workshop in the field of modern medical education which will last until 21/06/2012 with the participation of lecturers and doctors from different medical Colleges and the Iraqi Ministry of Health

Al Kindy College of Medicine: Steps For Global Progress Al Kindy College of Medicine: Steps For Global Progress

If any one asks about the most important and distinguishable scientific symbol in Iraq, certainly will be our prestigious university The University of Baghdad. In our continuous hard work and to show the way, which would reflect our pride to belong to our university dear established on the land of Al-kindy college of Medicine and in the conference room held a second world lecture delivered by Dr. Ajay Sagdev head of surgery of the digestive system and chemotherapy for tumors of the digestive system and diseases of the liver and bile and

Water pollution Water pollution

"Infinite creativity to the tributary of science" this is confirmed by the Continuing Education Unit in Al-kindy College of medicine with distinguished lectures.
At eleven o'clock on the morning at the conference hall of the Al-kindy college held a seminar for continuing education with his Chairman Dr. Muhammad Al Qurtas, the lecture was given by Dr Mohammad Assad and was entitled "water-borne diseases and methods of prevention".

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